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  • May 22, 2012 · I have Vesta conjunct my Sun in Aquarius in the 8th house. I suppose a Vesta/Sun conjunction would make Vesta very significant in my chart. The aspects to this conjunction are that it sextiles my Saturn in Aries in the 10th and trines my Eros in Libra in the 4th, squares my Lilith in Taurus in the 11th, and squares my Juno in Scorpio in the 5th.
May 02, 2012 · An actual 2004 photo of Venus transiting the Sun photo credit: Jan Herold I got yet another email today about the upc...

Mercury conjunct Venus: This configuration makes it easier for these two people to express their feelings to eachother. Romantic interest is common. The Mercury person is usually infatuated with the Venus person. In friendships, this is an indication that they have a variety of interests in common.

Every 8 years, Venus transits across the Pleiades - a star cluster that is close to Earth & can be seen in the night sky without a telescope. In fact Venus will transit directly across Alcyone (the brightest star in the Pleiades) over 3/4 April 2020. Plus, asteroid Vesta will be making a weak conjunction with Venus & Alcyone too ! Venus represents the archetypal Divine Feminine, the inner ...
  • Saturn conjunct Pluto: Sat 22 Cap 47' conjunct Plu 22 Cap 47' Jan 13: 1:39 PM: Venus enters Pisces: Ven 0 Pis 00' Jan 16: 1:31 PM: Mercury enters Aquarius: Mer 0 Aqu 00' Jan 17: 7:58 AM: Third Quarter Moon: 26 Lib 52' Jan 18: 5:31 AM: Pallas enters Capricorn: Pal 0 Cap 00' Jan 20: 9:55 AM: Sun enters Aquarius: Sun 0 Aqu 00' Jan 24: 4:42 PM: New ...
  • Mar 27, 2020 · It is Earth Hour on Saturday evening March 28 th.So while you have the lights off step outside, if possible and weather permitting, and look toward the western horizon for the 4.5-day old waxing crescent Moon to be near the inner planet Venus (about 7 o) and about 2-3 o from Asteroid Vesta over the western horizon at sunset local time.
  • Return Pluto conjunct Natal Neptune Return Pallas conjunct Natal Neptune Return Neptune conjunct Natal Vesta Where Is It Happening in Your Life?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 17 Sun in the 6th Moon in the 5th Mercury in the 5th Venus in the 7th Mars in the 3rd Jupiter in the 9th Saturn in the 9th Uranus in the 5th Neptune in ...

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    The photograph shows Vesta on 7/28/2018. Vesta is right in the center of the picture. The four brightest stars below it are c-, b-, θ-, and o-Oph. The bright star above it and to the right is ξ-Oph. The magnitude of Vesta was 6.3. I just managed to see it in my telescope. My first project for 2018 actually started in 2017.

    The transits are the same planets that have "kept moving" so it is Transiting Mercury that will move to conjunct the Sun or Transit Eros that moves along to conjunct the MC. My Sun doesn't "conjunct" transiting Pluto because my sun isn’t going anywhere.

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    Apr 23, 2019 · If someone broke your heart in the past, the Venus conjunct Chiron transit is a good time to forgive them. They made you a favor. Thanks to the experience you shared, now you can love even deeper, and with more compassion.

    Venus in 1st House – “Charming Demeanor” The first house is the house of self and also where the ascendant or rising sign resides. The 1st house concerns the appearance, the ego and instinctive behaviors of the individual. It reveals how one tends to engage with the external world and how they approach new situations. […]

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    BTW, I have Vesta and Vesta conjunct in synastry. Nearby, but not close enough to conjunct, I have my Nessus conjunct his Amor, and a little bit further away, but all still within Taurus I have my Cupido conjunct his Nessus. I wish I had a better handle on how a "negative" asteroid interacts in conjunction with a "positive" or "love" asteroid.

    Oct 30, 2013 · Chi-Vesta is what makes you lay down your life for another, even if it’s not romantic in itself, but when combined with Romance and Sex links: good for romance and compatibility as any of the Cinderella Linkages (Chiron-Venus, Chiron-Jupiter & Chiron-Neptune), and nearly as good for sex as a Sexual Linkage (Venus-Pluto and Venus-Mars).

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    The fast moving Moon is conjunct Venus 02-24, conjunct Neptune 02-40 and reaches balsamic phase 20 degrees Aquarius 05:01 GMT . Venus conjunct Neptune in Aquarius, separation 1.83 degrees at 11:16 GMT (the zodiacal conjunction is at 06-30 GMT). The Moon sextiles Pluto 15-19 GMT and is void from that point in time. She enters Pisces 20-33 GMT

    TRANSITING VESTA ENTERING VIRGO (5th House) Oct 22 2020. You have a perfectionist streak. You work hard and expect the same from other people. You need to avoid being overly critical. Positively, you have the ability to set up efficient and productive routines at work. TRANSITING VENUS SESQUISQUARE TRANSITING URANUS (6th House to 1st House)

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    248SharesVenus conjunct Uranus natal stimulates your social and love life but is quite variable in effect. Much will depend on associated planetary aspects or fixed star conjunction. Favorably influenced, the Venus Uranus conjunction can bring exciting romances with enough personal freedom to enjoy a glamorous social life. However, a load of squares or oppositions to this alignment may […]

    Nov 25, 2012 · There is just so much going on right now with astrology transits, it isn’t quite as obvious to pay attention to the asteroids named after Goddesses. I mean, we not only have the Pluto-Uranus square going on, we have Pluto and Mars conjunct in Capricorn, we have Venus and Saturn conjunct in Scorpio, we have…

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    Aug 29, 2018 · Celebrities with the Venus as a Rising Planet: Cameron Diaz, Lana Del Rey. View more celebrities with the Venus conjunct the Ascendant. View celebrities with the Venus conjunct the Descendant. Celebrities with the Mars as a Rising Planet: Donald Trump, Queen Latifah. View more celebrities with the Mars conjunct the Ascendant.

    Dec 29, 2020 · Venus conjunct Saturn transit can bring isolation, sadness, and privation. You will find it difficult to express love and affection, but easy to be cold and mean. Relationships suffer the most with this transit but you can also experience some financial hardship at this time.

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    VESTA conjunct SOUTH NODE (strongest November 21, 2015) In late October 2015, Vesta, asteroid goddess of devotion, commitment and missionary service reached the Aries Point (0° Aries)- perhaps the most publicly explosive point in the tropical zodiac.

    Figures 13 and 14 list the 25 wedding day transits with highest statistical significance, in order of decreasing chi square. In husbands’ charts, transiting Vesta, known mythologically as goddess of the hearth and household abundance, makes aspects to Mercury and his ascendant; Mercury

Progressed Venus to Natal Mercury When your progressed Venus is conjunct your natal Mercury, you love to learn, and could throw yourself into something passionately. There’s an ease to your communications, allowing you to say whatever you need to without worry. You can get your life in order, and you’re attracted to intellectual pursuits.
STELLIUM: Vesta-Ceres-Mars-North Node LIBRA July 5: Vesta-Ceres conjunction @ 22 Libra - 17 year cycle - interesting to note that Venus ruling North Node will be at 13.41 deg Gemini conj the "Venus Transit of June 6, 2012" @ 15.44 Gemini.
Mercury Conjunct Vesta Transit – THE DIZZINESS OF FREEDOM Vesta is the asteroid representing that fire within us that never goes out, the fire we tend to and feed, the fire which feeds our passions and our creative urges to be who we really, truly are.
The Queen of Olympus reflected in real-life roles Excerpts from JUNO IN THE NATAL CHART His Juno on Her Ascendant On Juno/ Venus synastry (and a lot more!) Chiron/ Juno, and a little bit o'Aries Juno in the charts of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez An Open Letter on Juno and Marriage Juno in Relationship,…